The Wells Patent Barn TrussWelcome to Avon Century Barn, a 40’ x 110’ Wells Barn built in 1913. It is one of the largest Wells Barns still standing. The Patented Wells System used curved trusses to frame the span of barn. This truss design stiffened the barn against the wind and outward pressure of the hay being stored. Curved trusses rise from the floor to the ridge where they meet in a graceful arch.

The wide open interior allowed horse drawn hay wagons to be driven into the barn to unload, and then swing back out with ease.

The last traditional Wells Barn was built in 1942, and presently, there are less than fifty standing.

A Wells Barn interior creates an aesthetic response that quickens the heart of anyone fortunate enough to experience it.
Daniel Fink, Author of “Barns of the Genesee Country 1790-1950”